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Gentle Care For New Smiles

At Pediatric Dental World, our dentists specialize in treating kids of all ages, including infants. By getting early pediatric care at our office, you can ensure that your child’s oral development is on track and get peace of mind. Learn more below, or contact us now to schedule a consultation for your child today.

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First Visit By Your Child’s Birthday: Here’s Why

It’s recommended that kids see the dentist for the first time before their first birthday, or whenever their first tooth comes in. Seeing the dentist early lets them track your child’s oral development, and answer any common questions you may have about their oral health and the teething process. As your child’s teeth begin to emerge, our doctors are honored to guide you through their growth and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

What To Expect From Their First Visit

Understanding The Process

Not sure what to expect if you’re seeing Dr. Clapp, Dr. Bell, Dr. Lee, or Dr. Smith at Pediatric Dental World for your child’s first appointment? Here’s a quick overview of the process.

Clean Teeth & Gums

You will hold your child in your lap at our office, and one of our doctors will begin by gently cleaning your child’s gums and any of their erupted teeth to ensure their mouth is clean and healthy.

Oral Exam

Once your child’s mouth has been cleaned, your dentist will gently check your child’s gums and teeth, and perform an oral assessment. Then, your dentist can give you guidance and answer any of your questions about your child’s health.

Preventive Dental Care

Regular six-month preventive treatments, such as teeth cleanings and oral exams, are essential for protecting your child’s oral health as they grow. When recommended by one of our dentists, treatments like fluoride treatments and dental sealants help prevent cavities and keep their teeth strong.

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Tongue and lip ties (tethered oral tissues) occur when the bands of tissue connecting your child’s lips and tongue are too thick and interfere with proper speech, breastfeeding, and eating. A frenectomy is used to carefully and painlessly snip these bands of tissue and restore your child’s oral health.

The Importance Of A Dental Home

A “dental home” is a dental office like Pediatric Dental World, where your child will receive most of their dental treatment as they grow. It’s important to have a dental home for the following reasons:

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Track Oral Development

By seeing a dentist at our office regularly, you can track your child’s oral health and development, and catch potential issues early.

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Reduce Dental Anxiety

Your child will build a real relationship with the team at Pediatric Dental World and become more familiar with the process of going to the dentist, which reduces the risk of dental anxiety.

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Get Better Dental Care

Regular visits to our office will ensure we become familiar with your child’s unique dental challenges, and can provide customized care.

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