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Renowned Pediatric Dental Care in Highland Village

At Pediatric Dental World, Dr. Bell, Dr. Clapp, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Smith are proudly shaping fun, positive, and personalized dental experiences for children as they grow from infants into young adulthood. We focus on conservative, quality dentistry in a warm, caring environment. Our experienced doctors and compassionate team are committed to providing optimum oral health for all children through education and prevention, so they can carry proactive dental habits for life. If you’re seeking a kid-friendly, parent-approved dental home in Highland Village, we’re honored to serve you and your family!

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Kids Under 2 First Visit Free!

If your little one is under the age of 2, we’re excited to offer a free cleaning and exam* during their first visit. Get your child started on the path to dazzling oral health today!

This offer only valid for children without insurance*
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Services for Every Smile


We believe great habits are the foundation of a flourishing smile. That’s why our caring doctors and team place such emphasis on preventive care and education. Regular preventive visits protect tiny teeth from common dental problems, such as cavities and gum disease, and encourage confidence for appointments to come!

Safeguard Their Smile


If your child is experiencing toothaches or sensitivities, our skilled doctors are here to revive their smile with gentle and compassionate care. From composite fillings to crowns, we provide the most comfortable restorative solutions to get your little one out of pain and smiling again.

Treat Damage and Decay


When it comes to oral obstacles like tongue and lip ties, our team is here to provide quick, pain-free frenectomies, so your child can thrive with optimal oral health. Your little one’s comfort is our top priority, so we use CO2 lasers to achieve the most efficient and gentle results.

Get Seamless Solutions


As pediatric dentists, we understand the magnitude of empathetic, attentive care, and are no strangers to dental fears. If your child is feeling nervous about their appointment, we offer a triad of sedation options to ease dental anxiety, and help them feel relaxed throughout treatment.

Enjoy Relaxed Visits

Your Highland Village Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric Dental World is composed of 5 board-certified pediatric dentists who have big hearts and decades of experience in caring for smiles. Our qualified and kind doctors are passionate about making dental care fun, uplifting, and educational for all children, and take the time to truly personalize each family’s experience. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your family!

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