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Pediatric Care With Less Stress & Discomfort

At Pediatric Dental World, our pediatric dentists are dedicated to painless, stress-free dentistry for kids. And with our advanced laser tools like the LightScalpel soft tissue laser, we make it easy for kids of all ages to get the dental care they need with less stress, pain, and discomfort. Learn more about laser dentistry below, or contact us today to schedule an appointment for your little one in Highland Village, Flower Mound, or Lantana.

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Understanding The Basics of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry uses powerful laser light to remove tissue from the mouth and replace traditional dental tools. Hard tissue lasers use a beam of light that can remove enamel and other oral hard tissue, and can be used instead of a dental drill.

Soft tissue lasers, which are what we use at our office, use a different design. They have a fiber-optic tip, which is heated to an extremely high temperature using a laser light. When this tip touches oral tissue, it’s cut away and vaporized on contact. These lasers are usually used instead of scalpels and other soft tissue cutting tools like curettes.

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Laser Therapy At Our Office

We use our LightScalpel C02 laser for any procedure involving the removal of soft tissue, and for several other treatments. Two of the most common types of laser therapy at our office are:


With a soft tissue laser, our pediatric dentists don’t have to snip your child’s tongue or lip ties with surgical scissors or a scalpel. Instead, the laser is used to quickly cut the tongue or lip tie. No sutures are required, in most cases, and your child will heal very quickly. Laser tools also reduce the risk of infections and complications after a frenectomy.

Cold sore treatments

We also provide cold sore treatment with a special laser that’s meant for external use. This laser delivers a beam of highly-concentrated laser light into the cold sore. This destroys the virus that causes cold sores upon contact. Over time, the cold sore will then shrink and become less obvious. One great benefit of this is that, after multiple treatments, cold sores will be less likely to recur.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Yes. Laser dental tools have been on the market for decades, and our pediatric dentists are fully trained to use our LightScalpel soft tissue laser safely. We’ve performed thousands of treatments on kids in Highland Village, and parents trust us to take great care of their little ones.

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Benefits Of Laser Therapy

Wondering why laser therapy is so great for kids? Here are just a few reasons.

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Pain-free treatment

With laser dentistry, your child will enjoy pain-free treatment without any needles or sedation.


Minimal bleeding

The high heat of the laser seals the tissue it cuts, destroying bacteria and reducing bleeding. Stitches are rarely needed.

Faster recovery

Laser dentistry is more precise and reduces the risk of infections and other complications, leading to a faster overall recovery time for your child.

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