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Prevent Cavities With Dental Sealants

If your child is cavity-prone or you just want to make sure their teeth stay healthy as they grow, dental sealants are a great choice. At Pediatric Dental World, our board-certified pediatric dentists can provide your child with the expert treatment they need. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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What Are Dental Sealants? 

Dental sealants use a special type of liquid dental resin, which is applied directly to your child’s rear teeth. Then, your child’s pediatric dentist will use a special type of UV light to harden it, creating a barrier between your child’s enamel and their mouth.

This means their enamel will be protected from oral bacteria, acid, sugar and food particles, and other such threats. In turn, this dramatically reduces the risk of your child developing cavities. Along with good at-home oral care and routine teeth cleanings, dental sealants help keep your child’s mouth healthy.

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The Dental Sealant Process

Dental sealants take only minutes to apply, and can usually be done as part of a six-month pediatric teeth cleaning and oral exam at Pediatric Dental World.

Teeth cleaning

First, your child will need to have their teeth thoroughly cleaned to prepare for sealants. Their rear teeth will also be “etched” with a mild acid. This roughens them up to ensure the sealant can create a strong bond.

Sealant Application

Once your child’s teeth have been prepared, a thin layer of resin will be painted onto the rear teeth by their dentist. This will be “cured” with a UV light to harden it and create a durable barrier that will protect your child’s teeth from cavities.

What Are Dental Sealants Recommended For Kids?

Dental sealants are usually recommended for all kids once their first adult molars come out. This usually happens around the age of 6. Then, they are applied again at the age of about 12 or 13, when your child’s final set of adult molars emerge. 

All kids can benefit from sealants, since they can prevent up to 80% of cavities. Sealants are an especially good choice if your child has struggled with decay in their baby teeth, your child’s molars have especially deep pits or grooves, or their teeth have weak enamel.

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The Benefits Of Dental Sealants

Not sure if dental sealants are really necessary for your little one? Here are a few reasons to consider dental sealants.

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Covered by insurance

Most dental plans cover dental sealants for kids under 18, which keeps your out-of-pocket cost low.


Keep teeth healthy

It’s always better to prevent cavities completely when possible, and preserve your child’s natural tooth. With sealants, you can get peace of mind and avoid treating cavities with fillings, crowns, and other such restorative treatments.

Save time and money

Preventing cavities with dental sealants saves you time and money, since you can avoid treatments like fillings. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, sealants for kids are much cheaper than a filling.

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