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Get Emergency Care on Your Schedule

At Pediatric Dental World, we know that dental emergencies are never convenient, and don’t happen on a set schedule. That’s why Dr. Clapp, Dr. Bell, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Smith are here to provide same-day and after-hours care for your little ones. Learn more about our emergency dentistry services below, or call us at (972) 317-6997 to get help right away.

Get Same-Day Care for Your Little One

We offer same-day appointments for all patients. If your child is experiencing a serious dental emergency and needs immediate help, just give us a call at (972) 317-6997 to tell us about their situation. We’ll schedule a same-day appointment for your child as soon as we can.

After-Hours Appointments Available

Some dental emergencies can’t wait until the next day, which is why we offer after-hours appointments when necessary. If you think your child may be experiencing a dental emergency outside of our regular hours, give us a call at (972) 317-6997 to speak with someone on our team. We can let you know if your child needs immediate care, and how to keep them comfortable until they can be seen.

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What Is a Dental Emergency?

Understanding What Issues Qualify

Not sure what conditions count as a dental emergency? Many different oral health problems demand emergency care, including oral injuries, toothaches, pulled-out crowns or fillings, and much more. In general, your child is having an emergency if their condition meets either of the following qualifications:

Serious Oral Pain and Discomfort

Any dental problem that is causing your child a lot of oral pain and discomfort is a serious emergency. Whether it’s a toothache, a cracked or broken tooth, or even a pulled-out filling, any condition that is causing serious pain may need same-day emergency care.

Heavy Oral Bleeding

If your child’s mouth is bleeding heavily after an oral injury and the bleeding does not slow or stop within an hour, they may need stitches to ensure their oral tissues heal properly. It’s important to see a dentist to get help, and to ensure there are no other issues like cracked or broken teeth.

Common Emergency Procedures

Wondering what procedures are common during emergency dental appointments? Here are a few of the most frequently used procedures for pediatric emergency care.

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Tooth Splinting

If your child’s permanent tooth is knocked out (avulsed) or it’s very loose due to an oral injury, it may be splinted to the surrounding teeth to hold it in place and allow it to heal and bond to the underlying oral structures.

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Crowns and Root Canal Therapy

Crowns are commonly used to treat damaged teeth and severe cavities. Root canal therapy or a pulpotomy may also be required to treat infected teeth, and crowns are often used alongside these treatments to protect and restore the tooth.


Replacing Damaged Dental Work

A damaged or loose crown or filling is a serious emergency, and demands immediate care. It may sometimes be possible to simply re-attach your child’s dental work, but it’s often a better option to manufacture a new crown or place a brand-new filling.

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