Frenectomies in Highland Village

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Gentle Treatment for Tongue and Lip Ties

Worried that your baby may have tongue or lip ties in Highland Village? Looking for a diagnosis and a frenectomy to ensure their tongue and lips can move properly? At our office, Dr. Clapp has been preforming frenectomies for over 10 years. Learn more below, or schedule an appointment now!

What Are Tongue and Lip Ties?

Collectively, tongue and lip ties are referred to as “Tethered Oral Tissues”, or TOTs for short. Tongue and lip ties occur when the frenulum (a band of tissue) connecting the lips or tongue to the mouth is excessively thick, and restricts the proper range of movement of the tongue or lips.

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Signs of Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs)

In infants, a common sign of TOTs is difficulty latching to the breast during breastfeeding, which can lead to drooling, “gumming” the nipple, and difficulties feeding properly. In older kids, you may notice problems pronouncing certain sounds, and problems moving the tongue properly when eating. If you notice these signs, you should see a dentist at Pediatric Dental World right away.

A Seamless, Pain-Free Solution

The Frenectomy Process

Not sure what to expect from your child’s frenectomy procedure? At our office, the procedure is minimally-invasive and takes only a few minutes. Here’s a quick overview.

Clean and Prepare the Treatment Area

First, we will clean your child’s mouth and sanitize the treatment area to reduce the risk of infection. You may need to hold your child in your lap if they are very young (1-2 years or younger).

Pain-Free CO2 Laser Treatment

Next, your child’s dentist will gently and efficiently snip the frenulum using a CO2 laser. Due to the unique nature of CO2 frenectomies, your child will experience no pain or bleeding, and no numbing is necessary for the procedure.

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Post-Frenectomy Aftercare

Because we use a CO2 laser for our frenectomies, your child’s tongue or lips will begin to heal right away, and will not need stitches. All you need to do is keep the treatment area clean, and perform the recommended stretches provided by your doctor.

The Benefits of CO2 Laser Frenectomies

Wondering why it’s so important to choose a dentist that offers laser frenectomies? Here are a few benefits of CO2 laser frenectomies at Pediatric Dental World.

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Minimally-Invasive with No Pain or Discomfort

Our powerful CO2 laser will quickly remove the unnecessary tissue without any pain or discomfort, so the procedure stays needle-free.

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Rapid Healing and Recovery

The minimally-invasive nature of laser frenectomies means that your child’s mouth will heal and recover more quickly, compared to a traditional treatment using a scalpel.

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No Bleeding or Need for Sutures

The high-powered laser we use automatically cauterizes (seals) the tissue behind it as it cuts, so there is no bleeding and your child will not need any sutures.

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