Why Should I Care About My Kid's Baby Teeth?

We’ve had a lot of parents ask us the following question:

“Why is preventive care so important if my child's teeth are going to fall out in a few years anyway? Can't we just wait issue out and get a fresh start with their adult teeth?”

It can be tempting to think that because baby teeth are not permanent then they don't require as much care. And, if cavities do appear, then it's not necessary to take action because the teeth will eventually fall out.

But, good oral hygiene now means optimal oral health for the child today and in the future too. 

So, Why Is Baby Teeth Care Important?

  • Baby Teeth Can Affect the Development of Permanent Teeth 

Your child's oral health now will influence the development of their permanent teeth. For example, if they lose a primary tooth due to decay, there is a higher chance the permanent tooth will grow misaligned. This, in turn, can affect the alignment of the other teeth too, causing a snowball effect. Because if the teeth don't align correctly, then your child will have a poor bite and that will put pressure on their jaw, leading to pain and other problems. 

  • Baby Teeth Cavities Can Spread Very Fast

Baby teeth are not as strong as permanent ones, and a cavity can spread faster. It can reach the nerve and cause extensive damage to the entire tooth, including the gum. 

This can have a significant impact on your child's dental health in the long term and can affect the development of permanent teeth. 

  • The Issues Can Extend Beyond Their Oral Health 

Healthy baby teeth help the child eat and chew food properly and speak with no difficulties. If your child has lost some of their baby teeth early on, then that can affect how they pronounce words and their speech. 

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