Taking Care Of Your Kids' Teeth From 0-1 Years Old

Experts recommend taking a baby to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears. But at-home oral care starts a lot earlier.

Parents can understandably be confused when it comes to a baby’s oral health. The importance of caring for your baby’s gums and first teeth can make a huge difference in the child’s dental development.

So keep on reading this article to discover how to properly care for a baby’s oral health from 0-1 years old!

What to Do Before the First Baby Tooth Erupts

Baby oral care starts before their first primary tooth erupts. Once the baby is around 3 months old, you should start gently cleaning their gums with a damp cloth or even a clean finger.

Even if your baby isn’t eating any food yet, the milk they consume still contains sugar. And sugar is the go-to food for damaging bacteria left in the mouth.

If the milk is not removed from the baby’s mouth, the bacteria can affect their gum health.

What to Do When the First Baby Tooth Appears

When you see your baby is teething, it’s time to take them to a pediatric dentist. This first appointment can be incredibly important in ensuring proper dental development.

During it, the dentist will inspect the child’s mouth, gum health, and erupted tooth to make personalized care recommendations. Moreover, this appointment is the perfect opportunity for parents to address their concerns, and get lots of useful tips on how to care for their baby’s oral health.

Some things that can be addressed in this first appointment include:

  • Thumbsucking behaviors
  • Dietary changes designed to support good oral health
  • How to properly brush the child’s teeth
  • Tooth-growing timeline, etc.

How Do You Brush a Baby's Teeth?

The child’s first tooth usually appears at around 5-6 months, but some baby teeth can begin to erupt a lot sooner, at around 3 months.

No matter when this milestone happens, you will need to start brushing the baby’s tooth with a gentle toothbrush. At first, you only need to wet the toothbrush, and when your baby is around 12-18 years old you can start using toothpaste, but without fluoride.

Here are some tips on how to brush your baby’s teeth:

  • Keep your baby’s head in your lap, so you have easy access to their tooth
  • Cup their chin in your hand
  • Lift the baby’s lips and begin to clean the tooth with a brush or cloth
  • Use circular motions, and be sure to clean the teeth front and back
  • Finish by wiping the gums of any more traces of milk

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