How to Prepare Your Child for the Dentist

Whether it’s your child’s very first visit to the dentist, or they’re coming in for a routine appointment, its important to encourage your child to feel confident and excited about going to the dentist. If your little one is feeling nervous, here are a few helpful tips in making the process something to look forward to!

Play Pretend

Help reduce anxiety by modeling a warm, fun, and friendly dentist situation to your child. Set up a play dentist’s office in a comfortable spot at home, and take turns acting as the dentist and patient. Your little one can craft their own dental instruments, use the toothbrush and oral hygiene tools they already have, and gather favorite stuffed animals to be their pretend patients. By positively reflecting the dentist with your child, they’ll learn that the dentist is someone they can trust and feel safe with for visits to come.

Use Positive Language 

One way you can boost your child’s confidence when discussing the dentist is by being intentional with language, phrasing, and tone. Keeping it simple and positive will help your child feel excited and confident about taking good care of their smile. Avoid using language that may evoke a sense of fear, like discussing cavities and shots. Pediatric dentists are skilled at communicating what to expect with children, so you can trust that they’ll explain technicalities in a way that’s both honest and comforting.

Bring in Comfort Toys With Your Child

Invite your child to bring their favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or toy to keep them company at the dentist. Simply having a familiar comfort nearby can help them feel more cozy, relaxed, and confident while they have their appointment.

Plan a Treat for After Their Appointment

No matter how their dental visit goes, it’s important to congratulate your child for showing up to their appointment and taking care of their oral health. Plan something special for them to enjoy and feel rewarded by afterwards, like taking them to their favorite restaurant or gifting them something fun and meaningful. By praising their efforts and giving them something to look forward to, your child can feel excited and empowered about future appointments!

Stay Relaxed at Pediatric Dental World!

As parents, children look up to our actions. By keeping a calm demeanor, your child will likely follow your example. At Pediatric Dental World, it’s easy to stay relaxed. We provide Highland Village families with a state-of-the-art office to create a serene environment, so both you and your child can have peace of mind during each visit. Get in touch with us today to schedule your first appointment!

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