How Do Pediatric Dentists Fill Cavities

Children can get cavities too. If your child has poor oral hygiene and they regularly consume sugary or starchy foods, then bacteria will accumulate and eat away at their teeth. 

If your child gets a cavity, do you need to treat it? After all, their baby teeth will eventually fall off so why go through all the trouble? 

Here's how and why you should see Pediatric Dental World for your kid's cavities. 

How Do Pediatric Dentists Treat Cavities? 

If your child complains of toothache and you suspect they might have a cavity, call Pediatric Dental World for an appointment. 

One of our dentists will first examine your child's mouth to identify and diagnose the cavity. After a thorough assessment, they will numb the area around the affected tooth to reduce discomfort during the procedure. We here at Pediatric Dental World also offer sedation options to make sure your child is relaxed during the entire treatment. 

Once your child is comfortable, the dentist will drill the tooth to reach and remove the decayed part. Next, they will clean the tooth and fill it with dental filling material, such as composite resin. 

Once the filling is in place, the dentist will finish and polish the tooth. At the end of the appointment, they offer you detailed instructions on how to best care for your child's oral health. This may include brushing and flossing their teeth daily, limiting sugary foods and beverages, and bringing them to routine check-ups every six months or so. 

Why Do You Need to Treat Cavities în Children? 

Although not permanent, baby teeth play an essential role in your child's oral health. They help your child to chew their food, facilitate speech development, save space for the permanent teeth, and ensure they will grow in their correct position. So, even though they will eventually fall out, keeping them healthy is crucial.

Not to mention, untreated cavities can cause pain and discomfort, which can interfere with eating, speaking, and daily activities. And, as the decay progresses, it can lead to more serious dental problems, such as infections, abscesses, or even tooth loss. A lost tooth can affect speech development as well as long-term oral health. That's because their teeth will try to compensate for the extra space and shift. 

Is Your Child Experiencing Tooth Pain? Bring Them to Pediatric Dental World

If your child is complaining that one of their teeth is aching, call the team at Pediatric Dental World to request an appointment with one of our fantastic dentists. They will offer swift care to your little one and restore their oral health. 

You can also access a wide range of services at Pediatric Dental World from preventive care and restorative dentistry to frenectomies and dental sealants. We also offer emergency dentistry should you ever need urgent dental care for your little one. 

Get in touch with us today to book your child's appointment with one of our dentists.

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