Does My Child Need Fillings If It’s on a Baby Tooth?

As a parent, we want to make sure our child receives the best care for their overall health. Oral health is an important part of their healthcare routine, and regular dentist visits can prevent the child from developing more serious problems in the future. 

Does Your Child Need Gillings?

It's important to know that cavities can form at any age, regardless of how developed the tooth is. Cavities are formed when bacteria build up on the outer layer of the tooth due to a diet high in sugar, acidic foods and drinks, or improper oral hygiene. Acidity and bacteria can lead to plaque formation, which will later affect the gums.

So, the answer is yes, your child can get dental fillings even at a young age. 

Why Treat Cavities in Baby Teeth?

Another misconception is that because baby teeth are only temporary, they don't need the same care and treatment. But, a baby tooth cavity should be taken just as seriously as an adult tooth one. 

Leaving the cavity untreated can lead to problems with the development of their teeth as well as gums and jaw bone issues. 

The Pediatric Fillings Process

The procedure is quite simple. After cleaning the infected area, the pediatric dentist will place the filling. 

Fillings may need local anesthesia, depending on each child’s personal medical history, and comfort.

Local anesthesia is injected with a needle to numb the area. If done with a laser, anesthesia might not be necessary.

Benefits of Treating Baby Teeth Cavities

It is important to care for your child’s dental health for many reasons:

  • Avoid pain resulting from untreated cavities
  • Prevent other oral health problems such as infections 
  • Untreated dental problems affect other biological systems
  • Cavities are contagious and fillings prevent them from spreading
  • It provides a healthy environment for the adult tooth to grow

What to Expect

At Pediatric Dental World, we have 4 board-certified pediatric dentists. Our office is second to none and is appealing to both parents and children. 

We have experienced, well-trained team members that have been with us for extended periods of time, and who are excellent in the roles they serve our patients. 

We focus on conservative, quality dentistry in a warm, caring environment that is ethical and honest. We are an office that serves and is known for giving back to our community. 

Each child and each parent is unique and has specific needs - from a dental and emotional/psychological perspective - we value that individuality and customize each experience for each child/parent.

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