Debunking 7 Most Common Myths About Sedation Dentistry

It's very common for patients to experience dental anxiety when faced with the need to go to the dentist and have dental work done. Fear of pain often has a debilitating effect on people and might even lead them to avoid going to the dentist to the point where their oral health is even more impacted. 

And even though sedation is a great option for managing anxiety, the myths that surround it make it hard for some people to opt for it. 

So, let's debunk those myths and learn the truth about sedation dentistry

The 7 Most Common Myths About Sedation Dentistry

If you know you have to go through a lengthy dental procedure or if you are too anxious to go to the dentist, then sedation could help you manage your fears. But, before you opt for it, here is some information you should know about sedation dentistry. 

Myth 1: There Is Only One Type of Sedation

There are different types of sedation, and the one you need depends on the procedure you will have and your medical history. Your dentist will inform you about the different types of sedation and tell you which one is suited for you. 

Myth 2: Dental Sedation Is Not Safe for Children

Sedation can be used for children, too, as it can help ease their anxiety and keep them still while receiving treatment. Nitrous oxide, for example, also known as laughing gas, is a mild sedative that can be safely used in the case of children. 

Myth 3: Anyone Can Benefit from Dental Sedation

Yes, sedation is generally safe, yet there are cases where sedation might not be suited. This depends on your medical history, if you are pregnant or if you have any allergies. 

Myth 4: Sedation Dentistry Is Only Used for Complex Surgical Procedures 

While general sedation is used for more complex procedures, when it comes to simpler interventions, the dentist will use a milder sedative. 

Myth 5: Sedation Puts You to Sleep

General anesthesia is the only type of sedation that puts you to sleep. With other sedatives, you might feel euphoria, drowsiness, or relaxation, but you will be conscious throughout the entire procedure. 

Myth 6: Sedation Is Not Safe

While certain types of sedations are not for everyone, sedation can be used safely by trained professionals who understand what would work best for each patient. 

Myth 7: Everyone Gets the Same Dosage

Sedation is not a one size fits all thing. Each patient responds differently to sedation, which means that everyone will get the dosage according to their needs, age, and medical history. 

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