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Four Fantastic (and FREE) Dental Apps for the Whole Family!

One thing that we’ve noticed in our practice recently is that there are more and more mobile devices being used more and more frequently.  Its seems that everyone is getting a smart phone or tablet and that they are being used for everything imaginable.

We were excited to find these free dental apps that are fun and educational.  Let us know if you have used any of these or if you know of any others.

Tiny Dentist

Tiny dentist has been a top app for weeks on the iTunes app store.  Kids learn about basic oral care and get to practice common dental procedures.  It’s a great way to encourage oral care in real life.  More Info.

Tiny Dentist


ADA Dental Symptom Checker

This app, produced by the American Dental Association, is a great first stop when trying decipher dental symptoms.  Of course, we always recommend talking to a dental professional if you suspect something may be wrong, but this app is a terrific educational tool and comes from a source you can trust. More Info.


ADA Symptom Checker


Brush DJ

The Brush DJ app is fun for all ages.  It chooses two minutes of music from your devices’ music library and sets a timer while you brush.  Not only does this make brushing more fun, but it encourages you to be more thorough in your twice daily routine!  More Info.


brush dj

Monster Mouth

Monster mouth once again puts kids in the role of dentist, but this time it’s for some very unconventional patients.  Children are encouraged to clean off yucky teeth and fix monstrous smiles. More Info.

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